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50598 - Ionization Test Kit

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  • Use for EN 61340-5-1 required compliance verification of ionisers per ANSI/ESD STM3.1
  • Measure offset voltage (balance) and discharge times
  • Charger applies ± polarity charge to conductive plate
  • Economical option when the Charged Plate Analyzer is not required
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Request a Demo HERE

The Ionization Test Kit isolates the conductive Plate and positions it 1” away from the end of the Digital Static Field Meter. The battery operated Charger then allows one to quickly place a +/-1,000 volt charge on the Plate which since it is isolated will remain there for some time. The Periodic Verification of Air Ionizers test in accordance with ESD-SP3.3 is to place the Kit in the Ionizer’s airflow and use a stopwatch to measure the discharge times to reduce a 1,000 volt charge to 100 volts and to reduce a -1,000 volt charge to -100 volts. With the Kit grounded, it can then approximate offset voltage (balance).

“Air ionizers Compliance Verification ESD SP3.3, Periodic Verification of Air Ionizers. Objective, The objective of this periodic test procedure is to verify that the discharge time and offset voltage (ion balance) of air ionizers is in compliance with the user's specification. Measurements should be made at the location where ESD sensitive items are to be ionized.” (ESD TR53 Compliance Verification of ESD Protective Equipment and Materials)

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